Friday, April 12, 2013

Make your own pollen's for flowers

Hi friends,
As promised here's the tutorial on how to make your own customized pollen ..I am going to share my way of making your own pollen's in a very easy way..hope you all like it ..and try it too..

For this you will need the following things..

A Fabric glue, some nylon threads, 3 D colors of your choice
( from left to right)
You can even use clay or air dry clay
(I have the clay in white color, you can use any color of your choice)
* I know it looks like a soap:)

Take the glue between the fingers as shown in the pic.
and just pull it in a way that the glue covers the whole thread.
I prefer fabric glue as its was proof, and makes the thread stiff,
the way its supposed to be.. 

Now let it dry for some time..
it takes about 15-20 minutes or more depending on the weather
so wait till it dries and becomes stiff.

Next with your 3D color.. apply a drop of color on top of the
thread and let it can make the drop small or big according to your need and your flower size..This is how it looks..

Same with the clay..take little clay between your fingers and roll it so that the tip of the thread is covered, like this..then color it with the color of your choice..

at the end I made 1 sample of each color and this is how it came to be..
will make a flower n show you tomorrow..

Hope you all enjoyed the leave your comments and share it with your friends..

you can also mail me or leave your comments ..i'll love to hear from all of you..

*I am really sorry for the bad pic. quality..


Varshitha said...

great tutorial shoma,...

Shalaka said...

Wonderful...Tutorial...Thanks for sharing:)

Varshitha said...

great tute shoma....

Neetha said...

awesome! thanks for sharing Shoma

Indira Tanwar said...

Great tute. Just yesterday I bought some readymade pollens from market and looking at them I was getting the same ideas as how easily they can be made at home with clay :)

Neelam said...

That's a great tutorial....thanks for sharing and making seem so easy n simple

Dr Sonia S V said...

Fabulous tutorial.Have pinned it here:Flower making Tutorials

Shalu said...

brilliant tut. ...thanks for sharing.

Hussena said...

Fabulous Tutorial Shoma . I never knew it was so easy to make pollen's..It will definitely save me a lot of money ...Thanks for sharing :)

Shital Akole said...

thax for sharing

Shylaashree said...

love this tutorial shoma. happy to be here and thanks for sharing

ArtBug said...

Hi friends,
Thank you all for seeing my tutorial
and appreciating it n giving me so much support..I will soon add lots of more tutorials like this...hope you like it..
Happy Crafting

ManuK said...

Thank you for the detailed tutorial, Shoma! I recently bought some stamens, but unfortunately I couldn't find the colors I needed. I will definitely give this a try and customize them as I want!

Happy Crafting!

Reusing with Quilling said...

Wonderful tutorial Shoma ! Just yesterday I bought some pollens and had hard time getting the color I wanted.Thanks to your tutorial I can make pollen in required color now .

mariyam said...

Thnxs shoma it vl b a grt help

Anonymous said...

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