Friday, September 27, 2013

Diwali Cards made with Krafter's Kart Stamps

Hi Friends,
Made some handmade cards with Krafters's Kart Stamps
Hope u like it..

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Learn how to do frosting on Glass at home

Hi friends,
I had so many of you asking me how I manged the frosting on the glass..? well it was very easy...and I will get back to you with a picture tutorial by tomorrow 7th Sep.. as there are few important steps that u have to keep in mind..
till then ..

Ok friends now here's the tutorial you all have been waiting for..

Step 1
These are the things needed for doing the frosting.
a wooden stick, marker pen, cutter, Hobby Ides Glass etching paste, an electrical tape,
a scissor. some news paper n tissue .. 
Step 2
Clean the surface for any dust 
Step 3
Mark the area that is to be frosted with the marker 

Step 4
now start putting the tap in such a way that it covers the area without 
any bubble ..
(stretch the tape every time so that it expands n covers the surface. )

Step 5
press properly for any bubbles
(if you dont press at the edges then the frosting will get inside the open space
and at the end u will not get a perfect will be uneven ..)

Step 6
this is how it will look after taping it.

Step 7
now shake the bottle of Hobby ideas Glass Etching paste. then with the stick apply a thick layer so that the whole surface is covered..
it might drip a bit so this is where a news paper comes handy ..

Step 8
Now this is how it looks after u cover the vase
...let it stay like this for about 30 min. This is the time given by the company
but i left it for an hour n felt that it was a little darker than what it normally comes...
Step 9
after keeping it for 30 min. wash under running water..
wipe it dry and then
slowly remove the tape,
and clean the surface to remove any marker impression that it there..

your frosting is done..its ready... add some sospeso flowers or any other
art work that you wish to apply .
Hope I was able to help you...Please leave your views and comments if it helped you..

Happy Crafting..

Monday, September 2, 2013

Chocolate box

Hi Friends,
I made this chocolate box with all very simple basic techniques like embossing, a bit of decoupaging, a little of multimedia, n finally some stamping inking, and coating it with glossy accent..hope you like it ..

The top of the box.

This is how it looks from the side

This is how it looks from the side..