Saturday, September 27, 2014

Handmade Anniversary Album / Scrapbook for Swati and Gaurav

Hello friends,
One more Album to my collection..just love it ..dont you..
let me tell you some features of this album ..The album is full of die cuts and handmade accessories..all drawings with copic ..just love the effect it gives..This Album can hold 300+ pic . Do see the Video of this album on youtube at the end.

This is the cover page
this album has 9 pages (18 pages + tags)
Size is : 10x12 in
This is a design inspired from one of the layouts from Google ( dont remember the Artist)
But my client just loved it and wanted me to incorporate it..i made lots of changes and its quite different from the original one. Lots of Heat Embossing, Stenciling and embellishments done on top with die cuts...with some glossy accent ..

This is how it looks from the side ...all the pages are properly aligned and the colors look just amazing 
This is how the spine looks like ..a Jute paper binding..with all chip board  embellishments with a cute charm .. 

This is how it looks from the side ...all the pages are properly aligned and the colors look just amazing ..the chain lock added as a locking device.

I personally love this page as its come out nicely..This page was a surprise as
my client had just casually mentioned that she is expecting and i made this page without informing her has all the elements that is perfect for her and the new has photo inserts for her pic and the baby's just born moments..

Last Page..with lots of tags and and photo space.. 

The back of the album

Monday, September 15, 2014

Album/ Scrapbook : CD wallet album

Hello Friends,
Made this cute little CD wallet album which can be carry around  easily. the video is attached below..
to order whatsapp me on 08860407996

The Video

Album/ Scrapbook : 1st Anniversary of Shal and Babbi

Hi Friends,
just finished making this Anniversary Album, hope you all like it ..I have used lots of die cuts and EK punches. All the flowers, embellishments etc. that you see are handmade by me and there is lots of layering done on the album..
After covering the album i gave a Texture coat with the stencils and then again made layers of embossing, die cuts and punch craft ...and finally to finish it ... I added some cute charms of an angle (a symbol of good luck) and a butterfly (meaning freedom ..from all the worries)..
this album tells the story of the journey of this lovely couple who just completed the first year of their Happy Married life..May God bless them and keep  them away from all the worries of the world..all my wishes and with lots of love I made this album...

This is how the closeup of cover page looks.

This is how the closeup of cover page looks. the cover if u notice has
a camera embossed and a place where the couple can put their Picture.
Size of the Album : 9 in x 11in
No. of pages : 6
Total pic that it can hold is : 250+
This is how the closeup of cover page looks.

this is the video on youtube of how the album looks like

I also take bulk orders
To order yours whatsapp me on 08860407996