Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hi friends,
I have made some wallets with a few more thing done on it besides decoupage..
n i wanted to share it with you all.

Now this is how a normal decoupage will look like....
papers cut and a bit of coloring done to make it merge and look as a part of same picture 

Now I tried using some simple stamping Technic
i used stayzon ink..n it works wonders..
but be careful its a permanent ink n be absolutely sure where n how much area
you wish to cover..
Next thing i did was to take my glitter pen n define some lines so that the image comes out n gives a brighter look
and feel...yes i know.. not lot of people like to use glitter but a little of it wont harm..
After that a little more of glitter..:) u must be thinking that i am going mad..
wait till you see the end result..

This is how it finally looks..I hope you liked it...n once all dries...
let it be varnished or use any kind of sealer , minimum 2 layers. 

And the wallet finally went missing after the picture was taking ...and you know who did it..thats my daughter Sanaa

some more of the work..

hope you enjoyed as much as I did ..any Questions /..whatsup me at 08860407996..
Have Fun...