Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My latest collection of Stamped Handmade cards tags n more...

Hi friends, 
This is my latest collection of Handmade Greeting cards, tags, envelops, lots more. Hope you'll like it..These cards are made with the combination of Clear stamps, ink, ribbons and glitters..I can also customize these designed by adding sentiments to suite your requirement. They also have matching envelops to go with the cards.

Anyone wanting to place an order please note :

  • These cards are for Rs.125/- each (courier flat rate anywhere in India)
  • contact me at 
  • or leave a note in the comment box and I'll get back to you.

Something about Paper Quilling

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to tell you a little about the history of paper Filigree or Paper Quilling as we popularly call it. Knowing the creativeness of human nature, it seems likely that the art of rolling, folding, crimping and shaping paper strips would occur fairly quickly after the invention of paper....The earliest piece of preserved paper filigree pictured by [Paula's] sources (Florian Papp and Christy/Tracy ) was created in the 1600’s, but Christy/Tracy also noted references to pre-17th century work given in books written in the 1800’s. ---Used with permission from Paula Bauer at Gem State Quilling. 

You can read more about the history of paper quilling at the Gem State Quilling website. It is the best article of the history of paper quilling I have read to date. And, if you're into paper quilling like me, it's really quite interesting. 

Paula also has some fun quilling trivia on her website. Did you know that the Bronte sisters were quillers? Very cool..

Quilling Shapes 
(Image has been taken from the net)
 Quilling Shapes
(Image has been taken from Inna's Creations)
 These are the basic shapes and with the help of    these shapes you can learn to Quill, fold these with your fingers/ or with the quilling pen, what ever you decide to use the end result will be loved by all.

I know that these are very common for people who are into Art n' Craft but I want to tell my new friends n' followers n' what you'll need to make your setup for Paper Quilling corner. 

Let me tell you one thing that all this takes lots of time and most importantly "MONEY".I am doing crafts from more that 5 years and I am yet not even half  way. But I am enjoying every bit of it. Its very relaxing and above all fun to learn and teach.

Basic Quilling Tools

You will need a quilling pen, paper quilling colorful strips, some good quality glue, a good quality scissors,this is basic but if u are willing to spend some more then this is what you'll need to make your work even more neat...this is called a Quilling fringer (its for about 2450/-)  and a quilling board and lots of imagination.

My work in paper quilling :

I'll love to hear from you all...please do leave your comments..

If you need any help or wanna place orders for paper quilling cards and stuff, you can contact me at

The Basic shape Pictures were taken from the internet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exhibition At : Parsi Anjuman Delhi, on 13th Feb 2011

More cards

My Lovely daughters

Quilled Cards 

Picture Frames, Gift Items.

Gift Boxes
 It was an exhibition which really gave me a chance to display my art to was a short notice so not much was displayed, but thanks to all of you who helped and encouraged me to take part in this event. These are some of the things that I am making and now I am working on a new project which will have all the collection of my work , from glass paintings to candles, cards and lots more. I'll keep all of you all posted, till then bye.