Monday, February 5, 2018

Embellishments by Altered Craft

Hello Friends,
Welcome to my blog, today I am going to share my views on these lovely embellishments sent to me by Altered Craft.  I have been crafting from 8 years and have used so many different kind of embellishments to make the projects look attractive. Some good, some not so good. Having right material for the right job is the key that leads you to a successful layout.

The Altered Craft embellishments are good quality and the finish is very nice, and after trying out different color mediums, I realized that almost all Acrylic,  Permanent Inks and Alcohol colors go very well with these.. some of the experiments I am finally sharing with you all… hoping you will like it..

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All the supplies are listed below..

A Stone Paper weight

Project 1:
I colored the stone with layers of Ranger Alcohol inks, (I used, Caramel, Latte and Ginger) once I got the right color, I moved to coloring the the Embellishment, I used the alcohol blending solution so that the base can be made little lighter. And finally ended up getting the desired finish. In the end I add some micro beads and stickles to finish it up..Giving it a rustic look in the end..
Paper Weight

Picture Frame
Project 2:
I used Stickles to color the frame and giving it a softer look..Finishing it up with my baby's pic..

Project 3:
Here I used Copic Colors to make the flowers and leaf. Since Copic colors are alcohol based it nicely covered the surface and where i needed lighter tone I just washed it off with alcohol solution. In the end added the chain .. and here I have a lovely Valentine's Day gift ready..
Project 4:
In this I made a 'For You' card. I simply useda little shimmer on top of it, sadly the picture is not clear but the shine is very nice and soft..

'For You' Card 
Project 5:
In this project I made WISH BOTTLES .. and I used Inktense color pencils to color the embellishments..a soft red color adds on to the beauty..


This is finally how it looks...
Altered Craft : 
They are Pune based company and comes out with lovely collection of embellishments every month so do look out for more lovely designs for your projects. They also take bulk share your experience of this product , in the comment below.. 


Inktense Color Pencils : Amazon India
- Stickles : The Craft Shop
Ranger Alcohol inks : CraftersCorner
- Micro Beads : A1 Craft Store
- Wish Bottles : Rainbow Craftykari
shimmer : Rainbow Craftykari

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tonic Glass Mat its uses and Review

Hello Friends,
First of all pardon me if I went wrong somewhere in my Videos, being my first voice video and I am yet learning on how to make them, any feedbacks on improving my video is highly appreciated.
Today’s blog is on Glass Mat by Tonic. I was very impressed when I first saw Vicky using the bigger Glass Mat by Tonic. Immediately I was impressed by the looks of it. It comes in 2 sizes. The one which I got is a 12x12 in mat and very convenient, surely fits my table which is not very big in size.

It came well packed from A1 Craft Store, thanks Neha for getting it for me. I got it few days back and was busy trying different craft products I could use on this mat. Till now I have used these things that you see in the Picture, apart from Fevicol , Deco Glue and mixing color of different kind. Just love it. And soon I will share my completed projects, since its something I am using it regularly, now.

Tonic Glass Mat
What all you can Do on the Mat
  • you can cut with your pen knife on the mat but avoid the intricate cuts or heard cuts, you will spoil the blade faster.
  • you can use any kind of mixed media colors and paints , since the cleaning is very easy.
  • You can use distress inks, Oxide inks, Distress Paints, Alchol Inks, and the list goes on
  • I used little soap water to wipe my surface clean.
  • You can use this surface to heat emboss on your projects, its a tampered Glass and can take the heat, but to be on the safer side i kept the heat gun at a safe distance.
  • Any kind of marker pen can be used on it and can be cleaned off easily.
  • All the stenciling and mixed media effects can be done easily.
  • Use you glue gun directly and make designs without any worries.

  • The possibilities are endless...........
I think this is a good investment for a crafter and a must have for artists. You will see me use it more often. In the end I want to thank you for visiting my blog watching the videos, do comment and like it. If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

YouTube Links to the Videos

Tonic Glass Cutting Mat : Uses and Reviews Part 1

Tonic Glass Cutting Mat : Uses and Reviews Part 2

These are the main supplies used.

Tonic Glass Mat
Zig Water Color Pens
Distress Oxide Inks