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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Minimalist Bar with decoupage bottle and a aroma candle (Personalised Gift Ideas )

The project 


Hello to all of you. 
I am here with my latest work. This was a personalised gift for a house warming event. This bar was ordered online but the client wanted more personalised look and something to go with it. So I decided to make a decoupage bottle with Marilyn Monroe ( old beauty) along with an aroma candle. 
It was a complete decor any Morden bar would have. A very minimalist approach. Keep it anywhere in the house and it will look beautiful 😍. You can also put a real or a artificial plant in the bottle if you wish to add to its beauty. 

The Aroma candle 

The Candle : Now the big thing was to decide on which fragrance to choose from? 😁😁 After much discussion We finally ended up choosing WILD FOREST. This aroma is oil based and was soothing as well. So I finally took a heat resistant jar, since it looked plain, I did some out line with black liner and coloured it with glass colours by Fevicryl. 

Then I heated soy wax, added aroma, and poured it in the jar so that it sets. After 48 hours it was ready and smelled amazing 🤩 .

The full view of the Bar, the bottle and the aroma candle.

Decoupage bottle

The Bottle : Then I took a nice bottle and prepared it by cleaning and removing the stickers and paint from the surface . Once that was done I applied a coat of Gesso and let it dry completely. Then I took the printed decoupage paper and removed extra layers of tissue till I was left with the printed paper only. With the help of modpodge I pasted the image and then applied some modpodge on top of the picture covering the entire surface with the glue so that the Image sticks properly. Let it dry completely and then finished by decorating the bottle with jute thread and wooden beads. And yes I did apply a coat of varnish before I decorated the bottle. 

The bar with calligraphy 

The Bar : After cleaning the surface with a damp wipe let it dry and then I used white pen to write the quote. Once it dried, I sprayed it with varnish and it was finally done. 

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