Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tips on Water Coloring for starter's

Hello friends,
I finally got back to sketching and water colors which was always my passion and due to time and personal commitments I could not think of getting started. Its not easy to take care of both your family and your passion at the same time, and trust me i am trying my best to juggle my way..I dont wanna be on the top ...or earn big money ...but just prove myself that i can do something...
Anyways coming to the point , I picked up some lovely water colors ( in tube, cake and pencil) 
There are few things I would like to share for the people who wish to start with paintings,

* always invest in good quality colors, they may be expensive but go for the        smallest set ..of 6 or 12 colors.
  colors are very important part in getting the kind of out put you are looking for , so to achieve that you will need to invest in good quality colors, don't go for Artist quality colors which are very expensive, ask for a students quality colors, the difference is in the pigments, u try making a painting with regular colors and then try with quality colors ...you will see that regular colors are dull whereas the quality colors are more rich and vibrant, and the colors normally don't fade over the time..I went for a big pack to get more color range and since i know i will use them so often ..it was worth the investment..don't ask the price :)

second most important thing is the kind of brush you use, again take average quality brush, that will range from 100/- to 350/- . you don't really need all the sizes in that so take the thinnest and the thick ...I took no. 00, 4, 6 10 in round brush and one flat brush of 1 inch for the back ground.

last but not the least the paper, that's a personal choice, you can go for the Hot Press or the Cold Press. I will not get into explanation as the internet is full of it.
Point is you have to choose your paper according to your project..eg
If you are using the copic colors, then go for papers by copic co. as they are specially designed so that the colors don't bleed out. same way if you are using water colors then take 200-300 gsm paper (hot press / cold press) my brand is Brustro, and a local brand for 100% cotton paper hot press as that's what I have used till now.
My personal choice is 300 gsm "Brustro" for best results.

*** few extra things for later on are the paint thinners, acrylic brushes, blending tools etc. but that's for the later.

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I will discuss more tips in my next blog, If you have any questions you can leave a comment or feel free to whatsapp me on 08860407996 or mail me at artbugindia@gmail.com

Now sharing some one me work with you
I started making sketches and ended making these cute cards for my client who was very keen to get a handmade card made for her father and a friends b'day. In this the coloring is done with the Derwent Water colors. 

 this is how the card looks from inside, the person was a big fan of Starbucks and she wanted me to make a cards with all his fav foods in it..

This is how the Envelop and the card looks from outside..
its a big card or 10x7 in and was for 1000/-

This is how the inside of the card looks 
This is how the 3 envelops and the card looks

this is another set of cards which was made for her father's B'day and she wanted this particular layout..the size is 6x8 in and was for 1500/- for a set of 3 cards

I have been practicing different types of water color pencils off late and just love the way the Derwent water colors come our...be it the light faded look ..like the one I got for this Girl..or this Owl below ...

This Owl is made with Derwent Inktense color Pencils and I just love the way it layers on to the paper and gives a very viberent output..I used a 300 gsm cold press paper by Brustro water color paper, this is by far my most favorite paper for water coloring, it does not bend. 

Top Image : its when I finished the sketching and started layering the Inktense colors
Bottom Image: this is the original Image from Google which I made but with a little color difference..

Mini Album / Scrapbook for a Birthday : Maddy's Bday

Hello Friends,
This is a Mini Album for Maddy's Bday, it's a very simple album done so far by me, but I really loved making it..this book can hold about 30-40 pic, the coloring is done with Copic Markers and will never fade or come out. 
the size is  : 5x7in
price is : 2500/-
for more information you can whatsapp me on 0886047996
(I take International Orders too)