Monday, October 8, 2012

Project from my MDF collection

Hello friends,
I made a note pad box hope you like it..
 1. I painted my MDF box with golden acrylic color..
it dries fast and adds a soft golden finish to it..
 2. Then i did some distressing on it and 
gave an old finish ..(hope u can see )
and then did some paper Quilling base and
added the MS Punch border all around it .. 

 This is how it looks...not yet over ..
wait till u see the finished product..:)

Another project is in making..


Reuse your old perfume bottles and the charms

Hi friends,

I have made this cute little show piece ...with all waste things..u will not believe if i tell you what all was used in it..let me share it step by step..:) hope you have fun ..

I took my husbands empty perfume bottle..
and this spray paint..I love this color..

I then painted it and let it dry for few hours
( it dries faster and has a glossy finish)

Then I took the teddy from my daughter's hair band,
the beads are from a broken charm,
die cut out of an old tag,
Did heat embossing on it with a shadow effect..
flowers from old used print paper and
some jute thread..

And trust me I enjoyed every moment ..

hope you like it ..

today I was in mood so made a few more projects

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paper Quilling Project

Hi friends,
off late i have been away from my Quilling work..but now i am back and and working on the projects that i had in mind from quite a long time. Something that i am working on..hope it turns the way i have thought ..:)

Some new style of different types of flowers..

Some different types of leaf in making ..