Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to get that perfect embossing from your Die cut n emboss dies :

Hi friends,
This tutorial is especially for those who just cant get that perfect embossing from there die cut. I have tried to show how you can use your embossing pen and get that crisp lets see how..

No matter how you use the die, you always end up getting something like this..

first of all make sure that your die is clean n does not have any paper cut remaining on it..
these are the tools you will need to get that perfect look..
Embossing die, embossing pen fine tip and bold tip and paper
(from left to right)
after running it through your machine..dont remove it from the die..reverse the entire sheet with the die..
like this..and then ..

with your bold pen work on the areas where the embossing is missing..then with the fine tip reach out for that fine areas that needs to be shown in the pic. 
you will get a perfect embossing along with the die cut.. like this..
(sorry for the bad pic. quality)

Same why you can work on any other dies ..
And this die as well...
no matter which die you use your end result will be nice and crisp every time..

Hope you liked the tutorial..and it helped you in solving the problem..feel free to mail me at
will love to hear from you ..

Happy Crafting 


Dr Sonia S V said...

Fabulous effect but is there not a risk of the metal of the embossing tool blunting the die?

ArtBug said...

Hi Sonia,
No it does not effect the sharpness of the die as the pressure that we apply is not so much that it could damage it..
you can try it out yourself..and let me know how u felt..


Dr Sonia S V said...

Thank you Shoma..I dont have much experience with diesas I am a hobby crafter with just a couple of dies so only asked you