Friday, April 10, 2015

Art Classes for Summer 2015


All the classes are short time workshops where you are taught everything about that particular subject. These classes are designed to make you understand the topics, after which you become confident  enough to take up any project independently. Keeping in mind that you dont have to run around for the material ..all these classes comes with basic kit containing the if you are visiting my Studio, all you need to do is carry yourself..and you take away the knowledge and the projects you make...

* Fee includes all the material (Only for live class)
* Online class will be provided with the basic material.
*Online class : I will need time to ship the basic material kits so book 
your class accordingly.
* The class time have to booked prior to the class 
* Fee has to Paid before hand.

for any more details whatsapp me on 08860407996

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These are absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much!
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