Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Visiting Card

finally got my visiting card made...

A short break

Hello Friends,

As the year comes to an end, i want to say..
Those who are following me must be thinking where the hell I vanished. Honestly speaking I was just taking a break from my hectic schedule and giving myself sometime as I was constantly kept falling sick…that’s another story…but yes this surely gave me enough time to think on my future plans and start on with it .
A lot happened , some good some bad...overall I have no regrets.
Its not that I was absolutely not doing anything …but some work which I wish to share with you all are these..

This was my most recent works, a Mini Album made for Zeba for her sister
catch the video on YouTube

A collage of my past work.

This was a album made for Navaz for his friend.

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This was an album which was made with the box and was a big one. A 12x12 in album with all handmade flowers and embellishments..

An unforgettable evening spent with Navaz ..at Radisson Gr. Noida
a small album made for Bhavna in Puna...it was her bday.
a chunky charm bracelet.

this time the summer break was in Pune, where it was all fun and little work..some classes and  yes lots of shopping ...and when i had time i experimented with some inka colors and made some water color painting with distress inks too..


Friday, April 10, 2015

Art Classes for Summer 2015


All the classes are short time workshops where you are taught everything about that particular subject. These classes are designed to make you understand the topics, after which you become confident  enough to take up any project independently. Keeping in mind that you dont have to run around for the material ..all these classes comes with basic kit containing the material..so if you are visiting my Studio, all you need to do is carry yourself..and you take away the knowledge and the projects you make...

* Fee includes all the material (Only for live class)
* Online class will be provided with the basic material.
*Online class : I will need time to ship the basic material kits so book 
your class accordingly.
* The class time have to booked prior to the class 
* Fee has to Paid before hand.

for any more details whatsapp me on 08860407996

Friday, March 13, 2015

Album/ Scrapbook : An Album with love : for my Hubby

hi dear,
This is only for you ...Me and kids made ... A small Box album for you which can be kept on your desk and you can see us when ever you feel lonely and miss us.. a little something to Cheer you up..... to remind you how much we love you and what you means to us..Hope you like it ..

Size of the box : 4x4 in
Size of the album : 3.75x3.75 in
Holds 150 pic and some goodies 
A mixed media on MDF box.

whatsapp on : 08860407996

watch it on youtube:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Album/ Scrapbook : 25th Wedding Anniversary of Vandana & Sanjay

Hello friends,
This is the album that kept me busy for so long..almost took a month to make and its by far my most favorite album..Its a gift from a daughter to her parents on their 25th Wedding Anniversary..
In this album.. I had cut 126 die cut of the floral base and then embossed and inked and glued each sheet to give that lovely light look. The champagne bottle and the glasses were also hand painted and then inked to give that glass effect..the base red background was  given a crumpled leather look with that handmade charm to add on to its beauty..
the dimensions are :
Album Size : 12x12x4 (all measurements are in inches)
No. of pages : 13 (26 pages front and back) + 12 Big tags and A-4 Size tags to hold the extra pictures..
holds about 200 pic

See the Album on Youtube

You can contact me on 08860407996 for more details or to place an order.