Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Wrist watch collection

Hello friends,
I am making these lovely miniature quilling for the wrist watches that I got as order from one of my regular Client. She loves paper quilling n' wanted to give them as Diwali Gifts. Though these are not the exact designs, yet to give you all a sneak view of what I finally made. Hope you all like it.

This is the watch I am using for
my quilling work...
3 stages of a blooming Sun flower.
Its little bigger than the Rs.1/- Coin
some more of my designs..

Some designs that I made as samples..

For orders kindly mail me at artbugindia@gmail.com 


Sathya said...

Hi Shoma,

First time am visiting ur blog.. Liked ur new creation...wrist watch collection.


anandhirajan said...

my first visit here I liked your creation

Miss Syaz said...

I'm so in love with the sunflower..They're cute..