Saturday, June 11, 2011

Water Color Paintings

My water color painting :
I love to make all kinds of paintings and I really enjoined making this one. It took me about an hour to make this outdoor painting and about the same time to decide what I want to make, as this is such a beautiful place that you'll feel like making everything that you see. I am going to this place from my collage times when I was doing Commercial Arts, ie. from 1994. This is a water / poster color painting, made on a handmade sheet.

An outdoor painting at the crafts museum, 
Pargati Maidan, New Delhi 

A Mughal Art 

This is again a water / poster color painting, and I have made the jewellery with glitters and white beads. I took about a week to complete this painting and I am glade it turned out quite well.

Hope you all like it and do leave your suggestions in the comment box. Thanks and bye.


saheli said...

Nice work yaar.i like the mughal art much.

farah said...

hi shoma, great to see your blog and what a fabulous show you have put up. all your cards are very beautiful and it is great to see this lovely artist amongst our midst. i stay in mayur vihar very close to you and would love to get in touch. you can visit my blog at and if you feel like getting in touch please do. i am adding your blog in my bloglist and if you like mine pl do the same. regards and happy crafting